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I’m the Crone, the Grandmother

The trusted older woman


I was born a witch. I’ve lived and breathed the old British witchery all my life. We call ourselves awenydd – it means the same as the Tungus word shaman. Iwas brought up in witchery from birth through my ancestors, grandparents, parents for centuries.

So it’s OK for me. I know in my bones, I know my instincts and my intuition. I was brought up to know and trust them, I live and work with them all the time. They’re bone-marrow.

But I know it’s not like that for most people. I know your instincts and intuition have been beaten out of you. I know you’re scared you’re making it all up.

That’s OK.

All my clients feel like that at first.

I show them how to learn to trust, how to know in their bones when it’s otherworld talking and when they’re kidding themselves.

I’ve guided people how to know and how to check they're not making it up since the 1970s.

Free PDFs to get you started.

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