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Reclaim your power

Elen Sentier

We cannot solve problems with the same kind of thinking we used to create them.
Albert Einstein

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More & more people are choosing to embark on journeys of self-discovery, realising how deeper self-awareness, becoming and living their authentic selves enables the to reclaim their power and realize their full potential. As a Transformational Transpersonal  Coach, and a lifelong British Witch, I'm a Facilitator of Change., I’m here to help you find yourself, reclaim your power. My goal is for you to be your real, true, authentic Self, stand in your own power, and live the life that makes your heart sing.


What is the transpersonal perspective?

The transpersonal perspective takes you to states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity and integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience. When I discovered it and began to train with Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers back in 1990 I was thrilled to discover how it meshed with the old magical ways my family taught me. It was another way of saying and doing the same thing, the other side of the coin.

Our old ways here in Britain are not well known, some even believe they don’t exist but they do. We’ve been here all along the millennia, surviving because we’ve learned to keep our heads down over the past 2000 years. There’s nothing externally visual to show us as witches and shamans – unless we choose to dress up for fun! – you may well be walking past a British witch or awenydd (our word for shaman) any day of the week in the supermarket.

I use both the witchyness and the transpersonal in helping you move from being stuck to reclaiming your power and becoming the authentic you. I’ve been working this way for over thirty years and helped hundreds of people find themselves and find what makes their hearts sing. It’s been an absolute delight. I’ve also taught how to work this way through a 1-year apprenticeship followed by a 3-year advanced course since 1988. My students go on to take the work into their own specialisms, from poets to policemen, stock broker to ecologists, company “fixers”, farmers, doctors, business people of all persuasions. Not yet managed a politician!



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