I'm Elen Sentier ~ the laid back Awenydd

I'm Deer Woman as well as Awenydd. My family practiced the Old Ways for more than 65 generations so I learned to follow the deer trods with my mother's milk.

I can show you how to follow them too ...

Following the Deer Trods

The Deer Trods Tribe is the safe place for like-minded souls to learn the ways of our ancestors.

Following the Deer Trods is the way of our ancestors here in Britian. We're part of all the peoples, all around the world, who live in what was once the Boreal Forest. That forest stretched all around the world from the Tundra line, down to 50 degres N - that's the southern tip of Cornwall.

That forest may be gone now but its spirit lives on and so do we, the old ones. We're still here and we still follow the old ways. Do come and join us.

Following the Deer Trods with me is life-changing.

The work is immersive and experiential.

I show you how to connect to the old ways that run in your blood ... you’ll never look back.

You'll know in your bones that you've come home. You're in your right place, with your own Tribe, in both the seen and the unseen worlds.

You'll stand proud in your own power, not living other people's scripts but being the real you. Never again will you need to walk your journey alone, you'll always be part of your Team and your Tribe.


Work Wtih Me ...

Get Connected

What if I told you you already have all the answers you need hidden inside you? All you need is to uncover how to access them all!

This online, self-paced course will show you how to do that ... how to Get Connected to the old, wild magic in your blood.

Deer Trods Tribe

The Deer Trods Tribe is the Subscribers Facebook group for like-minded souls to study, grow and share. Here, you can reconnect with our ancestral wisdom hidden inside you 🦌

Rewild Your Heart

Free monthly themed online get-togethers – part of the Deer Trods Tribe – to explore how we can rewild our hearts, and invoke the wild wisdom of Mother Earth.

What Clients Say

I came home in a pretty bad mood today. But watching your first video I started to feel like my four year old self. Getting excited about collecting things and doodling. Thank you for getting me sparked up again.


Professional musician

"Your work, Elen, is your energy, it's your connection, it's your medicine. You’re yourself, you speak from the essence of your energetic signature. And that makes it possible for me too."

Fin Robinson


"Elen's coaching work brings together her Awenydd (shamanic) tradition and her psychotherapy training, in a unique, practical, and powerful way."

"The best part is that Elen didn't just spoon feed me but helped me to find those paths for myself. Because of the work I have done with her I know myself in ways I never would have."

Brian McGuire

BIM Director USA BU

Elen thinks differently, and helps her clients to do so too. She helped me move forward, really value myself, stand in my own power and accomplish my goals.

Louise Butler

Senior Civil Servant

Elen literally changes people lives. I have known her now for over 20 years and she has been a huge influence on my life and business.

John Melka

John Melka Consulting, New York

I'm a loner🐈‍⬛

I follow the Deer Trods and so I never need to go it alone. Grandmother Reindeer, my Spirit Team, Familiar, and Tribe always have my back! Do you want that too?

You know magic's out there - but how to find it? You've tried everything but nothing works? You want to stand in your own power? You want to live the life that makes your heart sing?

  • What if I told you that you have all the answers you'll ever need, hidden inside you?

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