About the Apprenticeship

It's a year-long journey. As Ursula le Guin says in Left Hand of Darkness, It’s good to have an end to journey to but it’s the journey that matters in the end. Another writer, Arthur Machen, said ...  I shall teach you nothing that you do not know. I shall merely lay aside the wrappings of prejudice and bad logic, and show you the real image which you possess in your soul. This is how it is in the Apprenticeship, I help you uncover what you already know ... deep inside.

Core Principles of the Apprenticeship

The apprenticeship is very experiential, about you doing things, exercises and journeys (daydreams we call it) not just reading about them, but there is some reading work too. I ask you to do as much of the work as you can outside. Being physically out there, amongst the wildlife, really makes such a difference, it helps you connect and reconnect with all the non-human world and this helps you reconnect with your real self.

It's a 1-year online course that helps you uncover the real, core, authentic you and, at the same time, gets you going in the old magical ways of Britain.

It comes from the heritage I learned from my family who have followed the old ways for millennia, entwined with the transpersonal psychology I've practiced over the past 30+ years.


It's native to Britain and not a new, cobbled-together practice from the shamanic ways of other lands. The old ways have been passed down through families, and to non-family people who have a genuine desire to learn, for thousands of years. The old stories and songs from the villages where I grew up, and in many other places all over this land, are witness this.

We’ve survived by shapeshifting, by being invisible to those eyes that disapprove of us – an old magical habit practiced all over the world when indigenous cultures are threatened. But those who follow the old ways pass them on.

The core principles of the old ways are …

  • Earth/Sun

    • Consciously connecting with Mother Earth and Father Sun

    • Being a conscious conduit between them

    • Transmitting out the wisdom we divine from them

    • Transmitting the wisdom all Life on Earth learns back to them

  • Asking, listening and hearing without interpretation and preconception to all Life

  • Being Still and Being With all Life, empathising, sharing, collaborating, cooperating and enhancing all Life

  • Exchanging what we know from the old ways with all who are willing to listen

As you can see, these old principles can work very well in helping people learn to work with climate change and extinctions, and with COVID, and in business and all organisations anywhere in the world.

As the old stories tell, all humanity once followed ways like this, everywhere on Earth. It will be good if we can help people relearn them. That’s our purpose, and we do this through all the jobs and vocations there are on Planet Earth.


Connecting to the old ways means you discover … rediscover … there is indeed much life and wisdom that’s unseen in our modern, everyday reality-view.

If you sit quiet with those core principles you’ll see that they ask that modern selfish business methods change. The concept of continuous growth is a non sequitur, it can only cause the sort of devastation we see around us now in climate change and extinctions. Humanity was never meant to go that way. As part of a hunter gatherer tribe there was no need for ownership, no kudos in having lots of possessions, no hierarchy of being better than others. Nor was there any need for the gender problems we see in our current everyday life. Mabel was as likely to be a good hunter as Fred; Fred was brilliant with the kids; Harry was a good forager; Jenny made fantastic tools.

The principle here is that you do what you’re good at … and that will be doing what you enjoy. We do what we enjoy well … doing what we dislike means we do it badly!

And the old ways know-in-our-bones that we’re all different. Not some better than others.

And we know how to share.

We exchange … all the time … we exchange everything.

We value each other so if we get something we need from you then we give you something you need back. Nowadays the most convenient way of doing this is using money. Money was originally invented as a means of exchange … not a commodity to be valued and grasped and hoarded as people do – and are encouraged to do – in our everyday world.

And because we share and exchange we’ve no need to be selfish. There’s no need for Me First, no need for us to be scrabbing to get as much as we can before somebody takes it aways from us.

Is this a world you would like to live in?

If so, give me a discovery call, complete the application form, and join the apprenticeship.




This is what we call the non-physical, non-material world that we know we live in.

It’s an energy.

I’ve been married to an ex-particle physicist for nearly half a century so I’ve had physics, Newton, Einstein, Quantum, Black Holes, White Holes, Dark Matter and Dark Energy with the cornflakes for fifty years! Fortunately Paul can talk this stuff in the-cat-sat-on-the-mat language so I’ve been able to learn the concepts. And wow! They are so, so like the concepts of the old ways!

Paul’s philosophy comes from the eastern traditions – the other side of the world to me. But living and sharing together we’ve both discovered they’re so similar in their cores as to be like two sides of one coin. Different ways of saying things.

I’ve friends in Australia, the Americas and Asia too. When we get talking, wound the fire we are so often saying “Ah! You do it like that! I see.” Yet again, different ways of saying the same thing.

So, all traditions know energy and spirit to be different names for the same thing.

Einstein, in E=MC2, says matter is compressed energy. So everything is energy – some moving faster than others. We live in a world made of energy, and our old ways say we can work directly with this energy … we just need to learn how. And unlearn all the stuff we’ve been told about woowoo and superstition!

The Apprenticeship helps you do just that – the unlearning and the relearning. It’s bung full of experiential methods to help you let go of those old, past their sell-by date habits that stop you living in the real, energy-world.

The advanced course, Rainbow Warriors, takes you on a deep dive into using them to help others learn too. When you’ve completed the Apprenticeship you’ll know if you want to go further.