The Apprenticeship is all about finding and reconnecting with Nature and with your true self.

Finding the real you ... and learning to live and work that real you. This is a year-long journey. We do it through stories. The story method has been used by peoples all over the world in different forms, and for thousands of years. Transpersonal psychology, C.G. Jung and others have brought it into the 21st century.

I use the story-forms from my own British heritage - we call it Taleweaving or Cyfarwydd in the old British tongue.

As you work through the year you find yourself writing and rewriting your own story as you discover your true authentic self.

Advanced Training

When you've completed the Apprenticeship you can apply to join the 3-year advanced Rainbow Warriors course. This takes you deep into your connections with the old ways and specifically how you can use them to help others become themselves and reclaim their power. 

Apprenticeship Dates & Course Schedule

Dates: 1September 2022 - 31 October 2023

  • applications close 1 Aug 2022

Cost: £1900 - monthly payment plan available

Course Duration: 13 months


8 lessons, fortnightly zoom catch-ups, personal feedback, full email support, group WhatsApp/Messenger and 1-2-1 calls as needed, supportive group atmosphere.

As soon as you've been accepted you'll have access to the Self-Paced learning courses - begin them straight away, these are skills you'll need from day-1 and all through the rest of your life.

The pre-course work begins in mid-September with a 4-week introductory programme to get you into the basic skills you'll need and how to use them. this expands on the self-paced course and introduces new ways of working.

The lessons begin at 31 Oct. They last for 6 or 7 weeks covering on of the Celtic seasons ...

Seasons Table.png

N = Northern hemisphere. S = Southern hemisphere.

We try to have a gather at my home in Shropshire over the summer ...