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What will you do on the retreat?

Your weekend will be very experiential, lots of doing and sharing and chat, and we do it at your pace.

You’ll stay (full board) in a quirky old 16th century farmhouse on the edge of the Long Mynd, no neighbours except the wildlife, shower, bath, heating, woodburner, wildlife garden, fantastic views – see the Gallery – and all diets can be catered for.

This place was in the middle of the Long Forest of South Shropshire – if you’re a Cadfael fan you’ll know it! – and is full of story and legend, I’ll tell you one of the stories on the Friday evening 😊. And you’ll do your first Vision Board, sharing what your heart wants from the wild weekend.

On Saturday, you’ll go for a walk with your fellow wild women (including me!), to one of the special places close by, maybe the Stone Circle, maybe one of the many hillforts, and you’ll experience, and be able to soak up the wild nature of the land … and the gifts it has for you.

When you get back, you’ll do some lovely play-work – Doodling mind-maps and mind-dumps to share after dinner with your fellow wild women.

Sharing your experiences affirms them deeply for you – and for your fellow wild women too. You get so much more when you share, when your friends affirm you. It really helps you to be the real, true you that you are deep in your heart. Wild women are about that – about being real, being authentic, letting go of the masks and the reasons why you need them so you can choose to wear them when you wish, and to take them off. You’ll find your heart begin to sing as you discover how comfortable it is with others as wild inside as you are.

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Vision & Re-Vision Work

You might never have guessed scraps of magazines, cards, pictures and random words stuck together on a sheet of card can change your life? You’ll find it does!

You’ll delight in the focus and clarity it helps you with … and you’ll delight in sharing all that with like-minded wild women who support and affirm you.

You do your first vision board on the Friday evening. It shows you where you are at the beginning of your Wild Woman Weekend. On the Saturday you enjoy more experiences and sharing. Then, on the Sunday morning, you do your second vision board and that shows you how you’ve grown over your wild weekend, how your heart-spirit has come out to play, how that has opened up your own vision. And it shows you, so much more clearly, what your next steps can be!

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Mind-Map Work

Experiential experiences work so much better when you Play with them!

When you come home after some time up on the Long Mynd, maybe at the Stone Circle, the Boiling Wells, or the lovely Ashes Hollow – you grab a cuppa of your favourite brew, a couple of biscuits and/or a pices of cake, a big sheet of paper and a bunch of crayons, sit on the floor like when you were little, and draw the adventure you just had.

You’ll be amazed at what you find you saw and did!

Drawing, doodling, scribbling, not being neat-n-tidy, is a great way of letting your feelings, instincts and intuition have a real good say in what you did. Doodling and stuff stops your brain from remoulding your experience into what it thinks you did – and that’s usually quite a long way off what you actually did, felt, saw, all the feelings and memories and dreams that came up!

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