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A walk into the future ... Rewilding Ourselves into the Old Ways

The Awenydd Apprenticeship is about beginning on the path to rewilding yourself into the old ways. I come from Britain so was brought up in the old ways of this land, our word awenydd means spirit keeper … we keep spirit with the Land. This means learning to speak-with and hear the land and the whole of the natural world … not things generally taught in school!

Magic, witchery, shamanism are not really about spells, nor about controlling either the spirit or the natural world, nor are they about maintaining this separation between the spirit world and what we call our everyday world. The old ways are about coming to know-in-your-bones that there is no separation, except in our human minds. It’s well time-and-a-half we grew out of this idea that we are separate from the natural world. Mother Earth desperately needs us humans to rewild ourselves and come home to her.

The old ways do not recognise separation. We know we live in and And/And universe, not an Either/Or one. All our work leads us deeper into this knowing. We are part of the natural world, we learn to speak-with everything that’s not-human and to listen to it, hear it, ask it what it needs so we stop imposing what humans think is best. This knowing-best – my dad used to call it Nose-Best Syndrome! – has brought Mother Earth to the plight she’s now in. only by relearning what our ancestors knew … how to work-with everything whether human, or not … can we help her to come through this bad time so she thrives again. It’s a win-win situation, when we care about others, and others that are not human, we all do better. This is true service. In our old stories we knew it as serving the Grail for the Grail is our Mother Earth, she is the cauldron-cup that holds us and enables all Life to live.

If this appeals to you email me so we can being our conversation about how best to help you rewild yourself …



The year-long Apprenticeship starts you on your journey into the Old Ways, to become one of Mother Earth's Spirit Keepers.

Copy-n-Paste the application form below  into a Word doc, complete it and send it to me to begin a conversation between us so you can discover if what I have is what you want.

Applications for 2022/23 open 1 Feb 2022

​... copy & paste this into Word, complete it and email it to me as an attachment.

  1. Your name
    • address
    • telephone number [including Country Code]
    • email
    • web site

  2. Your gender – how you see your orientation

  3. Your age & date of birth

  4. Are you married, living with a partner?

  5. Do you have children?

  6. Are you reasonably fit? Tell me about any chronic illness; smoking; breathing difficulties or asthma; epilepsy; heart condition; any drugs, e.g. steroids for arthritis, insulin for diabetes or other medication; any complimentary therapy. All of these things can very much affect how you are able to work – I need to know about them and how you find they affect you.

    • Please note – people with psychological or psychiatric trauma, chronic depression and related conditions will not find this course suitable to them.

  7. What does shamanism mean to you? A desire to help other people may not always be of service, nor will the need to heal people.

  8. How you see yourself, and human beings, in relation to the other kingdoms of nature.

  9. Are you willing to learn what the other kingdoms want you to do?

  10. Do you have animals? Experience with animals is very important. You may find it quite difficult if you do not already have a good and respectful relationship with animals. Watching, book-learning and scientific study are not really adequate.

    • During the course you may well find a real-live Familiar comes to live with you. If you are averse to sharing your life with animals this course won’t be for you.

  11. Do you have experience in working with –
    • Plants, trees, gardening
    • Birds & air creatures
    • Water creatures
    • Minerals
    Please show me how you feel and work with the other kingdoms.

  12. What is it that attracts you to the old ways of Britain?
    • We are/were celts but the British way is very little known except amongst those of us who follow them. Celtic often means the Irish Gaelic ways because this has been extensively written about since the 1980s/90s.

  13. The teaching I offer comes from the ways I was brought up, from my parents and the elders of the villages where I grew up. It does not come from core shamanism and indeed is very different in many ways. We British who follow the old ways have been in hiding for over 2000 years now so we’re very good at it – even other Brits don’t notice us most of the time! Is this what you’re looking for?

  14. Have you trained with any other shamanic tradition?

  15. Have you any Journeying experience?

  16. Have you any other esoteric or spiritual practice or training? If so, where were you taught and by whom?
    • It’s not necessary to have any such experience but if you have been taught already I need to know what system you have been used to. Please tell me about it.

  17. Do you have any skills in complimentary/alternative therapies?

  18. Do you record your dreams? If so, how long have you been doing this? Do you draw them as well as write?

  19. Please list, in order, ten of your favourite books – fiction and non-fiction, biography, text books, religious, whatever. Please don’t get stuck in offering me “Celtic” books. If you like Star Trek, Jane Austin, Agatha Christie, Dashiel Hammet, Dickens, Tolstoy, Asimov, particle physics, history, medical law or computer science please tell me.

    • It may sound odd but I want to know what you really like – not what you think I might like!


Looking forward to beginning a conversation with you 😎



  • £1800 single payment

  • A non-returnable deposit of £190 reserves your place

  • Cancellations after 31st Aug liable for the whole fee

  • Places for up to 6-8 students



There’s a plan if you need to pay by instalments 

  • £190 non-returnable deposit

  • £190 for 9 months beginning 1 Sep ending 1 May.

The fee covers all tuition, pre-course notes, access to the video library, feedback, fortnightly Zoom meetings, the 8 end-of-season Zoom weekend workshops, and the 5-day summer Gather. I’m always contactable via Messenger, WhatsApp and email for personal help.



About the Apprenticeship

As Ursula le Guin says in Left Hand of Darkness, It’s good to have an end to journey to but it’s the journey that matters in the end.

It’s good to read some of my books to help and my seasonal newsletter you decide if what I have is what you want.

A Journey …

The apprenticeship is a journey. It’s a path to knowing yourself and through that to knowing the universe. That's walking between the worlds.

It’s a strange and crooked path that weaves its way into and through your whole life and turns you inside-out and upside-down in the process, taking you way out of your comfort zone. I liken it to the caterpillar’s journey to become the butterfly, where s/he dissolves into Butterfly Soup … then re-solves to become the butterfly. The apprenticeship will do this for you.

It’s about learning to reconnect with all the seen and unseen worlds within which we live although we may not yet know them. It’s about reconnecting to the realm of the Faer Folk, the Tylwyth Teg, and learning to work as colleagues and co-workers with them.

The Work

The work runs to the timetable of the eight Celtic seasons, you get one lesson each season and have that whole season to work-with it. Time – giving and spending time with otherworld, your allies, guides, teachers and spirit group – is an essential part of following the deer trods in the old ways. we process and progress, hardly ever hurry, and spend lots of time being-with the work, allowing it to percolate through us. You need all this time to absorb it and digest it, get it into your bones.

The lessons are very experiential, lots of doing, some reading too. I ask you to work outside as much as you can. Being physically out in nature, amongst the wildlife, makes an enormous difference and helps you reconnect with all the non-human world, physical and non-physical. All of the denizens of the natural world are our Elders, far older than us humans, so we can and should learn from them.

You come to reconnect with your true spirit-self, and to integrate this work into your everyday life rather than separating them. It’s only humans who separate spirit from matter, everything else knows spirit is everywhere and part of everything. The Old Ways, following the deer trods, are about inclusiveness, an and/and universe, not our usual either/or of separation. Otherworld wants us to be part of them and they want to be part of us, not shut away in a cupboard, only taken out at weekends or when we go to a workshop.


I’ve done the Apprenticeship on mainly Zoom for 2 years now and students find it very productive. They say doing the work in their own surroundings really brings home to them they can do this work without being physically by me and quickly come to know everywhere is sacred. They find otherworldly beings really do permeate everything and are everywhere, and they can talk with them anywhere, and tell me they’re no longer afraid they’ll fail at home. This is just what Otherworld need.

When it’s safe, I’ll reintroduce the 5-day residential Gathers at my home here in Shropshire. 

The end-of-season Zoom workshops run from Fri night to Sun afternoon. You do exercises and journey work at your own home, craft it into a mind map and share on Zoom on the Sunday. After Imbolc, you learn to taleweave into a story to share on the Sunday Zoom. Stories have always been the way we gift our work to our people in the old ways.


You’ll be part of a private Facebook group – only your year-colleagues, myself and my colleague Fiona Dove are members. We use the group to share work, get and give feedback from me, share thoughts, mind maps and pictures with your colleagues. Everyone benefits hugely from this.

What may come after … 

Students who have done the apprenticeship may continue onto the 3-year advanced training, Rainbow Warriors. We talk about this (if you wish) at the end of the year.

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