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Coaching Packages

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No bull-sh!t

No judgement

No shaming

All packages are tailored to You.

You firstly spend an exploratory session with me defining what you want from the coaching package.

We both need this because the best laid plans of mice and women - to misquote the poet! - gang aft aglay! This is natural and normal, and part of the whole process. after all, if the coaching is going to work it's going to change you! You'll leave each session a different person to how you entered it - that's what you're working for.

But you - and me - need to know where you're starting from.

Imagine I ask you to drive to Birmingham but I don't tell you where you're starting from - you couldn't do it, you couldn't plan your route. When you know your start-point you can choose the route. But then you get so far along the way and there's roadworks!  Or the road's really boring and you want a more pleasant drive.

All these sorts of things happen through coaching sessions so you and me have to decide what to do about them, how to respond.

As you grow, you may find that what you thought you wanted at the beginning isn't really what you want. Again, you and me can respond to that creatively and positively because neither of us is jammed into the tramlines of an unchangeable agreement on what you want. You and me both know it can - and will - grow.

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Tailored for You

Each session is tailored to You as you are at that moment. 

Each session begins with a short roundup of where you are then, how the homework I gave you has worked out and how doing it has changed you. So you (and me) know where you are, and what you see ahead of you now. I then tailor the session to enable you to move forward again.

I can do this because I have 30+ years experience - both of doing just that with clients AND of living experience for myself! I have issues with life and business just as everyone does - the difference is I also have the training and experience, and mentoring support, so I have lots of creative ideas on how to move forward.

This is how I help you enable yourself.

And that's so much what it's all about!

I help you discover and recognise all the wonderful creative skills, the confidence, self-esteem, boundaries and authenticity you already innately have.

It's all about You Being You and living it. that's what makes your heart sing 😎

Coaching Packages


A single 90-minute session where you work out with me just what it is you want from your coaching and which package is best for you.


A pack of 6 x 90-minute sessions to unpack and then follow through on the theme you need my help with so you can move forward.


A pack of 3 x 90-Minute sessions to unpack a specific problem


A pack of 9 x 90-minute sessions to Dive Deep, uncover the roots of what holds you back, and find the solutions personal to you that will enable you to bring your dreams to life.

Elen is an extremely intuitive person and is very approachable. She is knowledgeable and brings a vast array of experience to her work. She brings a beautiful soothing, calming energy to conversation, and sees right into what is being spoken of. She creates magic with that knowledge, bringing together various elements that become very powerful once combined. Elen deserves to be recognised for this innate skill that holds her head and shoulders above the rest!

Gilly: Transformational Coach

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