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1-1 Sessions

What to expect ... 

Each 1-1 sessions last 60 minutes.

You can book individual sessions as often as you wish.

Why not book a discovery call first so we can explore just what you need?

​ At the discovery call we will discuss which package will best give you the outcomes you desire.

Or, if tailoring one specifically to your needs would better achieve what you want.


I offer several themed programmes that cover many of your basic needs. Booking a programme gives you a significant discount over booking individual session.


Themed Programmes

6-week prgrammes
  • Write your Story – this a very popular and useful programme. Knowing your own backstory enables you to understand what stops you, and learn how to move on. 

  • Compost Your Baggage – another very useful and popular programme. Your old, past its sell-by date baggage can be the compost in which to grow the New You.

  • Make Mistakes Successfully – everyone needs this skill! The person who's never made a mistake has never made anything. The trick is learning how to make mistakes successfully. I show you this skill.

  • The Art of Saying "No" – another art every one of us needs to know. Everyone – even me! – doesn't always say "No" when they should. We get ourselves, and other people, into a right old knicker-twist when we don't say "No" appropriately. I show you how to know your “When” 😎

  • Get Connected – this is the 7 Skills for Living coaching programme. I’ll show you how to Ask, Listen, Hear, Notice, Be Present, have good Boundaries and a simple Body-Mind Connection that can change your life.


Gift yourself the time and the support to grow and change. You won't regret it.

You are SO Worth It 💖

You will achieve ...

  • Courage

  • Clarity

  • Confidence


You'll see yourself ...

  • Come out of tyour shell

  • Let go of needing to be Normal

  • Let in in the Chilled, Inspiring, Creative You

Is this what you need?
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