Terms & Conditions

These are your TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the programme. Please email me to say you have read, understood and accepted these terms. Please keep a copy for your records.

The coaching relationship is a space for learning, growth, inspiration and motivation. My aim and purpose is to help and support you to achieve your goals, enhance your performance, and improve your work and personal situation.

  • By clicking Buy Now  on the Pricing Plan you choose you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.


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Your Responsibilities

  • To attend coaching sessions as agreed

  • To select and/or agree topics for discussion

  • To participate in setting and pursuing meaningful goals

  • You agree to take self-responsibility at all times.

  • You understand that your success depends on your commitment and determination to complete tasks and take action based on the coaching and teachings you receive.

My Responsibilities

  • To manage the coaching process (including timekeeping)

  • To undertake regular professional coaching supervision

  • To maintain confidentiality (subject to proper and legal exemptions)

  • I commit to keep you informed and supported at all times through our relationship.

Style of Coaching

  • My style of coaching is client-led and non-directive.

  • We have full permission to challenge and work with silence.

  • I will take notes and/or record the sessions depending on what we agree. The notes and/or recordings are all completely open and available to you.

Number of sessions and fees

  • We will meet for the number of sessions set in the chosen package sessions, each lasting for no longer than 90 minutes

  • The total cost of the chosen package is £the amount set in the Pricing Plan. This should be paid before the package begins.

  • We agree to allow some flexibility, understanding that sometimes the programme may need to vary depending on circumstances.

  • The sessions can be rescheduled by either of us in extreme circumstances and we agree to give as much notice to the rescheduling as possible in the circumstances.

  • We may, either or both, exit the coaching relationship without giving any reason, subject to one week’s notice being given by email or in writing.