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to Spark your Life and your Business

Doing Buisness with the Moon


Outcomes ... 

  1. Boundaries & how to maintain them

  2. Blind-spots & Strengths – how to use them

  3. Baggage & Inner Composting

  4. Connection

  5. Communication

  6. Confidence

  7. Making Mistakes Successfully

About the Course

We all know how the Moon affects the tides, but did you know our bodies are also 70% water? And yes, that water is affected by the Moon's tides too. It's no wonder the Moon affects us deeply at all levels – body, feelings, thinking and intuition.

Our ancestors knew this but we’ve lost the knack – the good news is we can learn it again!

When you work with the Moon you and your teams can understand how, and why, your moods go up and down, and have ways to show each other how you feel so you can still work together successfully. Incorporating the Moon into your business and project planning gets you excellent results and a happy, fulfilled work/life balance.

Course Structure

There are 13 Moon Months in the year. Over 15 weeks, including top-n-tail, we’ll work with each of them in turn in a supportive group of like minds.

Each weekly session consists of …

  1. 15 x 90min live online tuition, including breakout rooms & large group discussion

  2. Homework – experiential

  3. Private FB group for questions chat, insights and feedback

  4. PDFs slides of each lesson


Extra:  30min 1-2-1 with Elen after course


A Moon Chart to work with at home during the course. First use it for homework, to note your own responses to each lesson so you can share them in the FB group.

After the course, use it to plan your business & your life.

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