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We cannot solve problems with the same kind of thinking we used to create them.
Albert Einstein

Re-Vision Your Life

Revisioning is about imagining a new vision of your life ...

and then making that vision real in the everyday world.


How I can help you ... 

I'm a life and leadership coach, psychotherapist, best-selling author and lifelong shaman. I use all my skills and life experience to help people become their very best selves ... the person they always dreamed of becoming … so they can fulfil all their potential.

I can help you ... 

  • find out where you are right now, 

  • uncover what's stopping you moving on

  • learn how to release those blocks

  • build the vision of your new life

  • map out how to get there

  •  and ... start the car 😎

I'm available still, when you're on the road, to lend a hand when things go out of kilter as they always do. That's a basic law of physics called Murphy's Law, it says anything that can go wrong will go wrong. When it does, just book a special 1-1 session on the issue and we'll hunt out a way through the problem.

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