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the eternal quest for the true self

What you'll learn

This masterclass offers you ways to find your true self. The teaching goes deep inside to uncover treasures and stumbling blocks hidden in the mists of your past. All shaman work needs this, we all have these, habits we've grown into, other people's scripts we don't realise we're living. They hide the hidden treasure of who we really are and what we can be.

The White Stag is one of our ancient talismans, if you can catch him, befriend him and listen to him he will teach you how to let go of old stuff that's past its sell-by date, and how to polish up and hone those inner traits hidden in your depths.

How you'll learn

On each of the live Zoom courses you'll begin with introduction and group sharing; short, instructive talks from me; small group work to explore the ideas for yourself; large group work where you all share your findings so everyone learns; we finish each session with a short whole-group discussion. There's homework too between each session with time at the beginning of each session to share. Peer group courses like this helps everyone.

Course length

This quest takes 10 sessions; you have one 3-hour live Zoom session every 2 weeks so it lasts 20 weeks.

What comes next?

Hunting the White Stag is a great add-on course to help to anyone on to the Awenydd Apprenticeship. These masterclass courses help integrate, expand and connect your shaman awareness.