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My Story

Courage + Clarity + Confidence

= Authentic

I'm a heartful, badass, unconventional, out-of-the-box, transformational life and leadership coach. 

Haytor, Dartmoor

Me ... 

if the cat and the boyfriend disagree get rid of the boyfriend 🐈‍⬛

I was born and brought up on the moors of Devon in the south-west of the UK. It's wild down there, and I was very much a Wild Child, especially coming from centuries of witchy ancestry.

After leaving Uni with my first Dance, Drama & Art degree I went on to add Transpersonal Psychotherapy to my tool kit. It fitted with my witchy background like a glove. I developed my own combination of these two practices and use them in my teaching and coaching business. I've been practising this since 1990, and teaching for longer still.

Wild Woman ... 

I've always been a Wild Woman – back-packing to Afghanistan and beyond in the 1960s, traipsing round the USA later on, riding bareback and doing dressage with no tack, dancing for Arlene Philips, cadging a ride in a Jaguar fighter aircraft ... and my claim to fame is being kissed by Mick Jagger!

Ponies, Exmoor
Caradoc Mist Mountasin0_edited_edited_edited.jpg
The view from my front window ... 

Home ... 

Behind every gifted woman there's often a rather talented cat 

Now, I live on the Long Mynd in Shropshire, in a quirky old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere yet only two mikes from a major road and railway. But there's no traffic noise here!


I share my home with my black witchy cat, my ex-particle physicist husband and a host of wildlife. And I welcome people here on retreats and workshops.

I love cats, eat paleo, and my motto is, "if the cat and the boyfriend don’t agree, get rid of the boyfriend!".

WEBSITE background Cover Elen_edited_edited.jpg

My Mission

My passion is to enable Closet-Badass women – who still feel they need to hide their badass, quirky, adventurous and independent selves – to Come Out.

If this sounds like you – if you feel frustrated and stuck, if people keep telling you to stop crying for the moon, if you've had a vision all your life but can’t see how to make it happen – then I'm for you.

I'll show you how to get your mojo back, reignite your spark, stand in your own power and make your heart (and your business) sing.

I am NOT a general ‘jack of all trades’ coach. I have a very specific core set of skills to help you skyrocket your life and make your dream come true.

I'm NOT for you if you want all this by magic. Harry Potter stole my wand and I dropped my crystal ball down the toilet. I can show you how to get everything you want – but it means hard work and commitment on your part. I'll show you how to find your own inner magic and use it.

An old saying I love is, "You cannot change anything but yourself but as you change so you'll see the world change around you."

Is this what you want?

Elen Drumming1_edited.jpg

Meet the Team

Behind every gifted woman there's often a rather talented cat ... 

Kellan Cat is a whole team by herself ...

Just to introduce you to a vital member of my team, I couldn't work without her!

I rescued Kellan in 2019, just as we moved here to Shropshire.

I've always rescued cats. There's so many need us so I never buy a bred cat, always find one in a shelter who wants and needs to come to me.

She joins me in coaching sessions and on Zoom. On webinars meetings you might well see her sashay across the screen!

Sometimes she needs to come in late, or go out early, so I have to get up to open the door for her.

But she's there, giving her energy to the client, group, meeting or webinar. And she often appears at completely apposite moments, just to move the energy and the conversation where it needs to go.


Her timing is always purrrrfick!

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