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Numerology helps you connect with the Universe.

What's it about?

Numerology is a shaman skill we connect with the universe. It works-with the Earth. It's her dance with her partner. the Sun. It's how they both dance with the Solar System. it connects us with the whole universe.

This masterclass teaches you how we do this in the Old Ways.

What you'll learn ...

Simple teaching systems help you navigate and show you the patterns the numbers make.

How you'll learn ...

This weekend workshop helps you, step by step through small and large group work where you explore the techniques and ideas for yourselves, then share them in the whole group. Elen Sentier offers you her teaching experience to enhance your shaman-self. 

This 2-day workshop gives you 12hrs of live Zoom interactive, experiential work for knowing your own numbers.


What comes after ...

There will be advanced Numerology courses in 2022.