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Rainbow Warrior
Study Group

This is for you if you want learn the concepts, ethics, values and methods of the Old Ways of Britain, of British native shamanism.

The Old Magic Ways of Britain

This is British native shamanism: it does not come from any form of core shamanism but from the old ways my family, and many others in Britain, have practiced for millennia.

My goal for the group is to enable participants to immerse themselves in the Old Ways, and integrate them into their everyday lives and businesses.


I’ve been teaching this work since the mid-1980s and I know from 30+ years’ experience it’s seriously life-changing.

Over that time, I’ve watched all my students transform their personal and business lives through integrating them with the Old Ways. I’m offering you the opportunity to do this for yourself now.

This Study Group is for you, if you …

  • Feel really motivated to learn British native shamanism

  • Have a strong feel for, love of, the old ways of Britain.

  • Are willing to be a dependable, respectful, trustworthy and responsible member of the group, who attends regularly and contributes to all the conversations.

  • Are willing to actively listen to your colleagues without interrupting. Only one group member speaks at a time.

  • Are prepared to work, and to attend all the sessions promptly.

How the Study Group works


Pay in full, up front, and get 10% discount (£1458)

Or Payment Plan

  • £810 non-returnable deposit when you book

  • Then 3 monthly payments of £360.

For that you get …

To work in a likeminded, supportive group, learning the concepts, ethics, values and methods of the Old Magic Ways of Britain.

  • 24 x 90-min, interactive, experiential sessions every 2 weeks

  • Experiential, immersive homework between sessions

  • Private Facebook group for feedback, Q&A and sharing

  • Private messaging with me.

😊 Working in a group is much more fun, and far more effective, than studying alone! 😊

QUESTIONS ... 🤔⁉️ 📞📞📞Book a Call and I'l answer your questions 😎


The Sessions


  • Each session begins with the Connection meditation to open the space,

  • We then have a 15-minute roundup of how everyone got on with the homework, and any general challenges I’ve noticed from you Facebook reports.

  • Then 1 hour of themed, experiential work to help you get the concepts into your bones.

All the Themes …

  • are progressive and include previous learning

  • build on each other so you grow deeper and broader each session

  • show you how the universe is built

  • how it works together

  • how you can work-with Mother Earth, Father Sun and the universe

  • At the end of the themed work I give you the related practical, experiential and immersive homework.

  • You report on how the homework goes for you in the Facebook group as you do it. Don’t wait until you’ve done it all – report each step as you go, this really helps you, and everyone else.

  • Each session ends with a debrief of what we’ve done, followed by the Connection meditation to close the space.


Study Group Rules

  • We aim to stick to the theme each session and not get too distracted, but the conversations will be wide and deep. The Old Ways are inclusive, not something apart. What you learn in the group will be eminently practical in your everyday life.

  • The study group is a social group as well as a learning group , past students have become fast friends, but we’ll concentrate on the Old Ways learning in the sessions.

  • You will need to do the homework, take part in the Facebook group and actively attend all the sessions willing to share your feelings and experiences.

  • The group is a positive, not negative, forum for expanding our knowing and wisdom.

  • Always make sure everyone is able to speak and share, don’t try to hog the ground. I’ll be keeping a weather eye on that but it is everyone’s responsibility to enable everyone else.


The material we’ll cover …

  • This is the beginning of what can be a 4-year course if you choose.

  • This first year, the material in my book Following the Deer Trods gives you the basic outline we’ll follow but we’ll go much, much deeper than I did in the book!

  • You have me, and the study group, to support you. The readers don’t.

  • The deeper work really does needs my support and encouragement, as well as a safe place to ask questions, talk and share. You’ll need me to ask questions of when you can’t get your head round concepts, and when things happen that you can’t explain and feel unsure of.

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If you are thinking about starting a course which will change your life you are in the right place!! Elen’s courses are exciting inspirational, fun and fantastic and will give you insight into native Celtic shamanism in a unique way you won’t find with other courses.

Kathryn Bird UK

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