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Go Wild ... 

Rewrite your story ...

Rewilding your heart, your self, your life and your business is exciting and brings the real you to life.

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about me

I enjoy working with women, especially women who are running their own lives and businesses. I feel a lot of empathy with them because I’m a also woman  and running her own life and business. I’ve been so for 30+ years.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. I’ve worked with teachers, artists, writers, coaches, police, stock brokers, car mechanics, engineers, ecologists, IT professionals, gardeners, civil servants, shop owners, HR people, military people. Solopreneurs, team leaders and members, founders, CEOs.  

The fundamental skills, advanced work, retreats  and more specialist coaching I offer can be right for anyone – the only caveat is that you want to change, want it with all your heart. The work will be hard, at least some of the time, after all you may well be changing the habits of a lifetime … but it will change your life and make your heart sing.

Wild Woman Retreats

Spend a long weekend of You-Time, with a group of inspiring, like-minded women. Enjoy, laughter, stillness, & connection with nature.
Grow your confidence. Be affirmed in your true self.


Find what makes your heart sing ... and how to live it.  

Essential Skills

for Life & Business

These 7 x 90min sessions will give the skills you need to move forward.


You learn the 7 basic skills of living - things modern life has often forgotten.

These simple tools will set you firmly on your own path, and help you change, grow and expand.

3 Dimensions

 an new way forward for Life & Business

Find your Roots, where you came from, what 's keeping you from moving forward.

Explore your Dreams, those flowers on the tree that you don't know how to get to.

Learn how to use the 4 Tools nature has gifted us all with -

  • Gut-Instincts

  • Heart-Feelings

  • Mind-Thinking

  • Intuition-Knowing

Make your dreams come true ... ​

Soul Retrieval

for Business.Women

It's just so easy to let go of a part of your soul as you work really hard to make your business shine.

This package will open in Jan 2023


I do mentoring - a 45min session each month to keep you on top of your game.

These can be by monthly instalments or an annual deal at 10% discount.

Personalised Sessions

Single session to check out a problem.

Choose the 3-Pack deal to go deeper into a specific issue you need help with.

The 6-Pack is good when you need a deep dive to uncover what's holding you back.

Or you may feel you want to make a whole year's commitment to a life or business change.

Do you feel stuck?