Self-Paced Course

I also offer an online, at your own pace, course.

These mindfulness exercises can help you get going and give you  invaluable skills that are useful in every life situation. They may seem very simple but don't be fooled, they can take you deep and begin to change your life.

Like all the work I offer, they’re practical and experiential. And they can begin life-changes and Re-Visioning for you.

And you may well find even these simple-seeming little exercises start to bring up stuff for you. This will be old baggage and old habits that are now well past their sell-by date.

You may well find it hard to tackle and work with all this stuff on your own – so book a discovery call with me, let’s see what I can do with you to help you find your way from entangled thicket to enchanted forest.

Giving, gifting, allowing, spending and making time for yourself brings huge dividends. It’s all part of becoming the real you standing in your own power.

You really can do this ... and I’ll be delighted to help.

The Self-Paced Course

The Self-Paced Course consists of 7 short video lessons and mindfulness exercises, with PDFs, that you do at your own pace. Learning and practising them will all expand and enhance your self-knowing and your personal skills.

They work best if you do them in the order given, at first. When you know them in your bones then you'll instinctively use the one(s) you need in all your relationships.

  1. Earth/Sun meditation

  2. Stillness

  3. Asking

  4. Listening

  5. Hearing without interpreting

  6. Being-With

  7. Protection


They all have a mindful basis but every one is so useful in everyday life. Your personal and professional relationships, your relations with partners and children, your work environment will all change and improve as you get these practices into your bones.

As we say in the old ways - you cannot change anything but yourself but as your self changes so you see the world change around you ... 


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