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Hello, I'm Elen Sentier

psychotherapist, coach, author and speaker

Have you ever asked yourself how you can reignite your business?

Light that fire! In yourself, your teams and your whole business.

Passion sets our business on fire.

It's passion that drives our businesses.

 I love inspiring passion in my audiences, and I often do this by telling stories. People love stories! And we all learn so much from them ~ and so much that sticks! We identify with characters, share their experiences.

I'm a passionate woman, with a mass of experience beyond psychotherapy and coaching, and i'm a much-published author. I love lighting up the fires in my audience, it sets me alight too. Invite me to  light up the fires in  your team, your business and you, yourself.

I talk about ... 

  • Confidence

    • Courage to stand in your own power

    • Courage to hold your ground

    • Courage NOT to buy into what doesn’t fit your values

  • Superb Boundaries

    • Flexible

    • Appropriate

    • How to be if you tread on someone’s toes and so how to respond when they tread on yours

  • How to work-with Fear successfully

    • Fear as your Guardian

    • Fear as your Ally & Friend

    • Fear as your Teacher

  • How to follow your Star, your path

    • Know your path (star) in your bones

    • Uncover ways to follow your path, even when it looks impossible

    • Make those ways happen

  • And most of all How to Be Real – live and do your business as your Real Self

Check out my YouTube videos

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