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Keynote Speaker

and Storyteller ...

I'm a Storyteller ... 

My Dad was a taleweaver ... In the old witch-ways I was brought up in stories are the way the wisdom is handed on. 

We all love stories - books, movies, radio, audio, podcasts. The ones that grab us are the ones that give us stories we can identify with, that take us there so we're right with the person, feeling it. I love doing that with people, in my novels and books, in my podcasts, in webinars and on YouTube.

Giving people stories helps them know their own. And when we know our own story we can update and rewrite it to suit the Now we're living in. That in life, relationships, business, family ... everywhere. 

I help people do that thing. So I tell stories. They're fun, exciting and they all have a point that I've found useful in living my life. Like fairy stories (and soap operas!) everywhere they hinge around the core values that are my life. Like ... Being Real,  Honesty and Vulnerability. 

And they're about people finding their way out of Shit Creek!
We've all been there, go there with amazing regularity, and we all appreciate a helping hand out of there! 

So I call my story-place the Shit Creek Paddle Store ...
you can come in, pull up a pew, have a brew, and listen to a story. It may well help you find out how to make your own Paddle and ster your way out of there  😎