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Wellbeing in Nature

One thing COVID and the cost of living crisis has done for us is to help us understand just how much we need to take care of ourselves. These mornings in Nature offer you ways to do that.

Wellbeing  in Nature mornings will begin in October 2022 ...
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About the Nature Mornings

These monthly mornings offer you a time to set aside everyday life and immerse yourself in Nature. Studies show that just two hours spent in nature each week gives a marked increase in physical, mental and emotional health.



What we do ... 

The first thing we do is turn off our phones 😎. We're going to relax and be mindful, enjoy a sensory nature-based experience.

We move slowly, stop and sit often, give ourselves time to see and feel more.

We practice breathing, taking long breaths deep right down into the abdomen. Gradually we extend the time we exhale until it's twice the length of time we inhale That tells out body it's safe to relax.

When we stop, sit, stand, we take a moment to smell what’s around us - what can you smell?

And we notice what's around us - what can you see, hear? How does the air feel and taste?

This is about learning to Be Present - a big step to reconnect with Nature


My home is a secluded farmhouse in the wilds of the Stretton Hills. We can walk and sit in nature from my back door. My kitchen, studio and wildlife garden are great places to sit  over a cuppa, chat with friends, share thoughts and ideas, be ourselves.



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