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What I Offer

I expect you'd like to know a bit about the sorts of people I'm good at helping ... 

My ideal client is a feisty woman who’s had to stuff her inner fire because of social and family mores and constraints, normality, upbringing, school, jobs, partners, children, money, home.

All those things have blackmailed her into being acceptable. They’ve damped her fire down with ashes, starved her of the fuel she needs to flame into her true self.

She tries to be nice, politically correct, satisfactory, conventional, appropriate, but she’s never appropriate to herself.

She’s competent, a good thinker – often too good as she overthinks herself and everything, has learned to squash her feelings because too many others don’t like them.

She feels herself stuck on a treadmill, doesn’t know how to get off.

She’s loyal, caring, kind, doesn’t want to let down all the others she allowed to become dependent on her through her caring kindness. And that keeps her pounding the hellish treadmill and blinds her to how to get off it.

She knows, deep in her bones, her gut-feelings want her to do something different, but the pounding of that treadmill is so oud and persistent she cannot hear what it is.

Her heart-feelings tell her she’s killing herself staying where she is ... but her head-self tells her not to be silly, she must do the sensible thing, make proper plans, not dash off after her intuition as that’s all woo woo and superstition.

What I can give my clients is the listening ear and understanding heart that will hear that inner cry – and not dismiss it. I won’t try to change them into something they cannot be. I give them space, and tools, and skills, to find their real selves and bring them to life. I help them find and grow their own courage, and so their confidence, so they can be themselves and stand in their own power, keep their boundaries so no one can shout them down, and do all that without stressing themselves, and others, with the anger they likely needed to have the courage to say it all before.

I help them enable themselves to BE themselves, walk their own walk, without worrying they will be disapproved of, shunned, lose their jobs, families, friends, children.

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