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Wild Woman Retreats

Be inspired in a group of like-minded women.

Grow your confidence. Find your true self.

Find what makes your heart sing ...
and how to live it.  


24-26 Feb 2023


Reconnect with Nature

Being wild at heart grows, improves and expands all your relationships ... personal, professional and business. Being wild at heart frees you to step out of the box and be your real, true, authentic self.

Working with, insightful and affirming. Explore your inner self with the help of the natural world,  like-minded, supportive women … and Elen. Gift yourself you-time to step out of your everyday world, let go of tension and fatigue, and allow the nature to replenish your senses.

Remake your connection with your wild heart.

Do what makes your heart sing.

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Apr 2023
date to be decided


This weekend is for all like-minded women, of any age, who want to explore their inner Wise Woman and bring her to life within themselves.

The Wise Woman is an Elder.


Our ancestors called her Crone and respected her deeply as she has lived long and garnered much wisdom that she can gift on to the younger ones.

Come and explore the wisdom of your own inner Wise Woman, your Elder Crone-self, so you can own her, live with her and love her.

What Makes These Retreats Special?

​ Join a group of like-minded women for a life-changing weekend revisioning your life and rewriting your story as you connect and experience the natural world, through stillness, mindfulness, visualisation, journaling and storytelling.

These women's retreats not only allow but encourage you to tap into your own inner wisdom, your wise unconscious self, draw on your instincts and intuition to rediscover yourself.


They’re a space for You-Time as well as meaningful and fun conversation with supportive women. You will affirm, and be affirmed in, your own reality, and find what makes your heart sing.

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About the Retreats

I’m really excited to be working and sharing with you, and so looking forward to the retreat.

Friday: Arrive - 4.30pm, settle in. After dinner we gather in the Studio, do a connecting meditation with each other and the spirit of place. Then the evening’s very open for us to  share intentions, ask questions, talk about what brought us here, now. Then we’ll have a story or maybe join together in drumming before hot drinks and bedtime.

Saturday: Breakfast is DIY breakfast. There’s muesli, fruit, milk, rice milk, bread, butter, spreads nut butters, jams, marmalade, marmite, juice, tea – ordinary, Earl Grey or pick your own herbs from the garden – and  coffee.

We get going at 10am – in the Studio or garden, depending on the weather – with the connection meditation. Then we talk about any dreams or insights we had overnight, then do some stillness and presence work. This helps us connect with nature and calm ourselves, begin to let go of the pressures of everyday life and find the still place in each of us … and within the whole group.

Often more insights come up in this time so we do some journaling when we come out of the still place. People find it useful to share after the journaling too, it brings us all together and affirms the insights.

Then we stop for lunch. That’s a DIY meal too; lots of bread, crackers, cheese, cold meats, hummus, nut butters, tuna, meat/vegetarian pasties, fidget pie, veg patties/pastes, fruit, teas, coffee, water and juice.

After lunch, we go out.  Connecting with Nature in the Stretton Hills, on the Long Mynd, maybe at our local stone circle. These walks are very spontaneous and experiential, and they’re never route marches, in fact we not go a very great distance. The miles covered is not the point. We’re out there to feel and sense into the natural world all around us, and that’s best done slowly, stopping to look and listen, smell the earth, taste the wind, feel nature at our fingertips, against our cheeks, in our hair. There are always places to sit and look, sit and just be, maybe with your eyes closed absorbing it in. We take journal books with us and doodle reminders of what’s happening for us, take pictures, record the sound of a stream.

Then we come home. You each have a cuppa and take yourself somewhere quiet and record your afternoon’s experience. We don’t talk at this time, just hold it in sacred and secret for the time being, then let it out in a big drawing – on huge sheets of paper with crayons. It’s not an art thing, I ask you to draw because this really frees up the creative side of the brain. Writing tends to lock you into the left-brain, and that can mean you thinking-self purges, stops you remembering, the bits of your experience it didn’t understand. Your right brain will quite happily draw them so you can share them and find more insights as you tell the story in the group later.

After dinner, we all gather again in the studio so each person can share their drawing and tell their story. Telling your story is beautiful, deep work. We all learn so much from this sharing. No one interrupts during the telling, you have the floor, we listen and witness. Then, when you finish, we offer what images, words and thoughts came up from listening. These insights, even if they’re not directly applicable to you, will broaden the view for you and all of us too.

Sunday: DIY breakfast again, then we get going at 10am – in studio or garden – with the connection mediation. Then there’s time for you to share where you are now, on the second day of the retreat.

Next we do  a visualisation to draw up more insights; you draw them and share them as you did on Saturday, telling your story as it is now.

This takes us through to lunch. We don’t rush, we walk slowly through the retreat, watching and noticing each step.

After lunch  we do a drumming journey where you ask for your next step on you path to your new Wild Self. When you come back you record, draw or write, what happened for you and we all share our insights.

We finish with a cuppa and cake, and a final sharing of how we feel now, at the end of the retreat, and where/how we intend to go forward from here.

You’ll be leaving about 4.30pm, so you can plan your journey for that.

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