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Women are Wise - but often they need to redicover this within themselves.
These retreats offer the opportunity to explore deep within themseves, as well as their place in their family, community, workplace and in the world. Through presence, stillness and connection women can find and fall in love with their true, authentic selves.

What Makes These Retreats Special?

Join a group of like-minded women for a life-changing weekend re-envisioning your life, rewriting your story and reconnecting with Nature. Includes stillness, mindfulness, visualisations, journaling, storytelling, art, meaningful and fun conversation, and the chance to share, affirm and be affirmed in your own reality. Get ready to discover your best, true, authentic self!

This women's retreat is unique because it allows and encourages you to tap into your own inner wisdom, your unconscious mind and draw on your intuition through connecting and working with Nature, experiencing journaling and storytelling.

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14-16 Oct 2022


Reconnect with Nature

Find your wild heart

A weekend exploring your connection with Nature.

Working with like-minded women to grow this connection and discovering how being Wild at Heart - grows, improves and expands all your relationships ... personal, professional and business.


Apr 2023


Spend the weekend with like-minded women exploring the Wisdom stage of life


All women arrive here but too often modern society looks down on us because we're old. This retreat helps you explore the wisdom of the Crone and come to own, live and love it in yourself.

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About the Retreats

All Retreat weekends are full board, all diets catered for, and all food is local and organic where possible

Good Wi-Fi, bath & shower, heating and log burner, stairs, shared accommodation in large quirky rooms, socket near bed, superb views, ultra-quiet, secluded, countryside. Coffee, tea, herb teas, cake, biscuits and fruit are always available.


Friday begins with your arrival at 5.30pm, settling in and getting to know each other. After supper, we gather in the studio and connect with the spirit of place. Then you share your intentions and any special questions you’ve brought with you. We finish the evening with a story and/or drumming.

Saturday, we begin after breakfast with stillness and presence work, maybe indoors or maybe in the wildlife garden. We talk about connecting and how we can do this, and do some practice, and then share what happened for each of us.

After lunch, we have a gentle walk in the wilds of the Stretton Hills, watching wildlife, hearing the birds, the streams and the wind in the trees, practice again the stillness and presence we worked with in the morning to reconnect ourselves with nature. We may stop for a mug of birch-leaf or wild mint tea foraged on the walk, tasting the wildness around us.

We go home, you have a cuppa and settle with a huge sheet of paper and some crayons to draw your day’s journey. You do this on your own, you’ll be sharing it after supper.

After supper, we gather in the studio and you share your day’s journey using your drawing to tell us the story of how it was for you, what you learned and how you changed.

Sunday, after breakfast we share how we feel on the second morning of the retreat. Then we do a visualisation journey to help you see your way forward. You journal/draw what has come from this.

After lunch, we share what’s happened for us through the visualisation work, how we’ve changed and what we’ve learned.

We finish the day with a final sharing of how we feel now, at the end of the retreat, and where we want to go from here.